A milestone in passenger comfort

A milestone in passenger comfort - Covestro teams up with Webasto to design a smart and comfortable panorama roof for the third-generation fortwo.

As the automotive industry continues to flourish, passengers’ changing needs and expectations must be met with a unique combination of elements that revolutionizes both automotive technology and passenger comfort.

That is why Covestro teamed up with Webasto to design a smart and comfortable panorama roof for the third-generation fortwo. The roof is not only a milestone in passenger comfort due to its innovative, infrared absorption and sleek design, but also reduces fuel consumption with the help of lightweight, Makrolon® polycarbonate.

Designed with passenger comfort in mind, the groundbreaking panorama roof is manufactured using a two-component (2K) injection-compression molding process. The coating layer makes the roof scratch resistant. The polycarbonate is extremely impact-resistant, weatherproof and light weight – approximately 50 percent lighter than glass.

In addition to the transparent Makrolon polycarbonate, black Bayblend® acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polycarbonate (ABS+PC) blend is used to enable the integration of additional functions, such as screw bosses on the bottom of the roof. These screw bosses are used in conjunction with a fabric roller blind to control the brightness of the interior. The roof system is believed to be the world’s largest injection-molded, transparently coated car roof with an infrared absorber.

Infrared absorption for passenger comfort The roof system is designed to absorb solar energy through integrated infrared absorbers. The absorption of solar energy prevents the interior of the vehicle from heating up, thus maximizing passenger comfort. This also lessens the need for cooling from air conditioning, ultimately reducing fuel consumption.

Infrared absorption, along with the lightweight polycarbonate material, results in a fuel-efficient vehicle that maximizes passenger comfort unlike ever before.

For more information, email plastics@covestro.com.

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