Enhanced color and design network unlocks new possibilities

Good design affects much more than what a product looks like; it can also positively impact a company’s competitiveness and commercial success. End users focus on design functionality and care about the experience made possible with the product’s color, material and aesthetics, which can often represent their personalities, self-expression and lifestyle.

Color, Material and Finish (CMF) has become an emerging discipline within design, driven by materials innovation that can change the way products are made. We have been actively involved with our customers in the development and research phase. Now, we’re interacting with them during an earlier stage of their journey: the inspiration phase.

We merged our color and design capabilities with our CMF expertise to create a designated Color & Design Team. This allows us to directly engage more with creatives, such as designers, and our customers’ own CMF experts. Additionally, our team operates Color & Design Centers in seven locations across the globe: Newark, Ohio; Filago, Italy; Greater Noida India; Shanghai and Guangzhou, China; Map Ta Phut, Thailand; and Seoul, South Korea. Through these centers, we:

  • Support standard color services, such as developing, matching and sample or referencing the color that customers request.
  • Proactively develop new colors and optical effects according to new technical options or trend analysis.
  • Ideate and create new elements, including specialized services, samples, digital tools and content.

With our dedicated team and Color & Design Centers, we’re pushing boundaries for an enhanced customer experience by improving processes, advancing how we offer our services and expertise, and proactively introducing new products.

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For more information, email us: cmf-design@covestro.com.