It’s smooth sailing with marine grade polycarbonate sheets

Bodies of water can be unpredictable, and with elements like salt and sun, marine enclosures must be able to withstand these harsh environments on a regular basis. Boat owners should be able to rely on an enclosure with maximum optics and low distortion to bring them home.

Makrolon® marine grade polycarbonate sheet products from Covestro offer alternatives to vinyl boat enclosures. These durable materials are designed for the most-demanding marine applications, and offer a clear, glass-like, wrinkle-free appearance. These unobstructed views make navigating the open water a breeze from the captain’s chair.

Makrolon® marine grade polycarbonate sheet products
Makrolon® marine grade polycarbonate sheet products from Covestro offer an alternative to vinyl boat enclosures with clear, unobstructed views.

Covestro offers three Makrolon® grades designed to withstand the toughest outdoor elements.

  • Makrolon® Marine 5 polycarbonate sheet is a premier marine product with enhanced weatherability, low optical distortion and long-term clarity. Featuring a two-sided hard coat technology, it protects against abrasion and chemicals, while delivering enhanced UV resistance.
  • Makrolon® AR polycarbonate sheet is an abrasion resistant product recommended only for flat applications. This material protects against chemicals and UV attack and, in turn, provides clarity and low optical distortion.
  • Makrolon® VR polycarbonate sheet is a high-optical-clarity alternative to vinyl for flat and curved applications. It has the ability to be rolled, making it ideal for applications with limited storage.

These materials made a big splash at the Marine Fabricators Conference, which took place in late January in Savannah, Georgia

Makrolon® is a registered trademark of the Covestro group.

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