In the comfort zone

Bayblend® PG and Strukturchrom® with ambient lighting (left) – Bayblend® T multicolor (right) – Bayblend® T multigloss 3D surface designs (bottom)

If a man’s home is his castle, then why can’t his vehicle be a castle on wheels? People are on the road now more than ever, so a vehicle that incorporates the comfort and style of home is in demand. We answered this need with our automotive cockpit concept. This idea integrates both comfort and interior customization with three dimensional displays, components with high functionality in a single process step and a kaleidoscope of design possibilities. The polycarbonates used in these personalized designs are cost efficient and enable transparent, colored and diversely decorated surfaces. They allow the creation of pleasant lighting and seamless design that consumers crave. 

One material concept innovation is three-dimensional displays with sharp images and high brightness. Covestro’s special polycarbonate film, Makrofol® RP, makes this possible through rear projection technology. This technology does not distract the driver with underlying structures or other effects. Instead, when turned off, only a matte black surface is displayed. Covestro also developed slim, retractable components that are only visible when switched on. Makrolon® LED polycarbonate grades and Bayblend® polycarbonate blends are used in this application. 

The cockpit also features components that provide high functionality and can be processed in a single step. In one example, Makrolon® LED 2245 polycarbonate is used for the light guide, and Bayblend® blend grades are the carrier material. Once the plastic molding operation is completed, the polyurethane coatings – specifically our coating raw materials from the Desmodur® and Desmophen® product lines – are applied inside the same mold. The DirectCoating method for fabrication combines injection molding and reaction injection molding, for single-step, cost-efficient processing that streamlines operations and provides greater capabilities. 

Lastly, the automotive interior offers a kaleidoscope of design possibilities achievable with polycarbonate. These options allow a driver to customize the vehicle interior with advanced design elements including matte and high-gloss structures and high-quality components produced with Bayblend® PG blend grades. One example of the advanced design capabilities is 3D, laser-engraved graining containing matte and high-gloss regions on a single automotive-interior component. Consumers can also choose from back-injected, decorated Makrofol® HF films with a scratch-resistant coating, genuine wood veneers and slim, lightweight seating components integrating polycarbonate composite panels. 

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