Helping our customers see the world in more than just black and white

Helping our customers see the world in more than just black and white

The human eye can distinguish millions of shades and colors. Whether determined by Mother Nature or a designer, color is all around us. For manufactured goods, color and design choices are carefully considered and selected to address consumer preference. With the economic situation looking brighter, so are the colors consumers crave. Gone is the pallet of mostly black, white and grey that mirrored the downtrodden mood that accompanied the recession. While the basic neutrals will never go out of style, they’re now joined by an array of colorful hues reflecting the improved economic outlook.

Just as designers and manufacturers strive to satisfy the color and design preferences of end users, Covestro is working to meet the colorful needs of its customers. For decades, Covestro has been developing technologies to color polycarbonate plastics. Drawing on its materials knowledge, coloring and technological experience, Covestro has the capability to provide customers with a variety of colorants and surface finishes. Our flagship Makrolon® polycarbonate serves as the ideal canvas to showcase what is possible, including transparent, translucent and opaque colorations available in an array of shades and effects.

Covestro offers more than just standard colorants and surface finishes. We also collaborate with our customers to create custom colors and offer color-matching services. Customers around the world can visit one of our Color & Design Centers to utilize these and other services. This network of global facilities enables customers to locally access Covestro’s material and coloring expertise to more quickly and efficiently solve their coloring challenges wherever they may be located.

Now, customers in the Asia Pacific region have another Covestro resource at their disposal - the latest Covestro Color & Design Center recently opened in Seoul, South Korea. This new facility joins Covestro’s Polymer Development & Technology Center to provide our customers in South Korea and the surrounding area with full service access to Covestro technologies.

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