Thermoplastic polyurethanes make ski boots robust and comfortable

Materials for the slopes


Whether they are being used by beginners or experts, for leisurely descents, downhill or freeride, ski boots have to withstand a range of stresses, be sturdy, yet lightweight and comfortable, and still look good. Plastics from Covestro are perfect for meeting these requirements. At K 2016, the company is showcasing next generation ski boots from Salomon made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

The hard outer shell of this kind of boot has to protect skiers from injury and reliably transmit force to the ski. The lower shell, which covers the toes and foot, must be wear-resistant, long-lasting and rigid. The upper shaft, which encloses the lower leg, has reinforced rear and side sections, but is soft at the front, providing flexibility and a good fit. All of these parts of the Salomon boot are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from Covestro.

Durable materials for the slopes
Other highlights at the Covestro stand at K 2016: Transparent material from the Desmopan® DP 96xx TPU series. It allows a great deal of design freedom, and its high level of transparency provides a view deep into the inner workings of a shoe. The special benefit it offers is that it can be used in wall thicknesses of up to six millimeters with no noticeable clouding.

These polyether TPUs are also resistant to hydrolysis and microbe infestation, and are UV stable. They are also very well suited for outdoor applications such as ski boots.

Easy processing
Processors will be interested to learn that the new transparent Desmopan® DP 96xx grades from Covestro can be injection-molded and also extruded, for instance to fabricate tubes, sections and flat films. The plastics are flexible and elastic over a wide range of temperatures, but are nonetheless very robust. At the end of their service life, they can also be recycled.

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