Wearables with intelligence and comfort

Electronics on the skin

Bye bye, wristband! In the future, small smart electronic devices stuck to the skin like a Band-Aid could measure body temperature and heart frequency or assess the user’s quality of sleep.

Whether in sports and leisure activities, for treating illnesses or simply to achieve a healthier lifestyle, such wearables integrated into patches have enormous market potential, even though there are still a few hurdles to clear. Covestro is driving the development forward with integral and sustainable material solutions that make the wearables more comfortable to wear while also enabling further areas of application. Visitors to K 2016 can discover how this works.

Alongside everyday and leisure applications, it’s expected that improved and even smarter products will also play a supporting role in medical diagnoses and treatments, and even deliver medications in accurate dosages. This application, in particular, would require them to remain on the skin for extended periods and be comfortable to wear.

To meet these challenges, Covestro has developed a skin-friendly, breathable adhesive from polyurethane (PU) raw materials that is water-repellent and solvent-free.

A film made of thermoplastic polyurethane, frequently in combination with a thermoplastic PU foam, forms the outer envelope of the patch. In addition to protecting the electronics and ensuring comfort for the wearer, this layer must be as thin as possible to prevent build-up of the adhesive bond. The Covestro products also make it easy to embed the sensor in the patch, by using thermoplastic processing technologies – without resorting to additional wet chemistry.

The company has a broad spectrum of know-how when it comes to the materials and their processing and is looking for partners along the value chain who are interested in pursuing and coordinating further projects.

Interested? Come to our stand to see how our materials are enabling chips to be inserted into patches and meet our experts. In Hall 6, Stand A75.

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