Covestro presents rotor blade made of special polyurethane resin

Giving wind power wings

 Giving wind power wings
At K 2016, Covestro will present parts of a wind turbine rotor blade. What is special about it is that it has been produced using a new technology and a special infusion resin from Covestro. The new process features a whole new approach to combining polyurethane resin with glass fiber fabric. Covestro developed the technology jointly with SAERTEX, a leading manufacturer of glass fabrics, and the process technology specialist HÜBERS.

The Leverkusen-based materials manufacturer recently achieved large-scale application of the new technology. In Asia, it was used to produce a 37.5-meter-long wind turbine rotor blade with an output of 1.5 megawatts.

This was also made from the special Covestro infusion resin and glass fiber mats from Chongqing Polycomp International (CPIC), a leading Chinese manufacturer. The production of the rotor blade at the Shanghai FRP Research Institute utilized a vacuum pressure infusion facility with continuous degassing from HÜBERS.

More efficient wind power generation with polyurethane
The polyurethane resin exhibits outstanding physical properties, excellent flowability, and thoroughly wets the glass fibers. Furthermore, less thermal energy is released during its processing than with epoxy resins. In addition, the faster curing enables greatly enhanced productivity – with clear cost advantages for manufacturers.

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