New applications, efficient processes

Research for the world of tomorrow

How will the world look in five, ten, twenty years? What kind of products will future generations need? Covestro is seeking answers to these questions, developing new applications for materials and thus shaping the future. In total, about 1,000 employees work in research and development – inspired by three values: to be curious, courageous and colorful.
Innovative and sustainable: Covestro researchers are continuously developing materials with new properties – including materials from alternative raw materials such as biomass.

The growing world population, urbanization, rising mobility, climate protection and the conservation of fossil resources: Covestro works closely with customers in key industries, such as the automotive, construction and electrical/electronics industries, to develop new products and improve existing ones to meet challenges such as these. At the same time, our experts search for new applications for our high-tech materials such as polyurethane and polycarbonate.

We also strive for environmentally compatible and cost-efficient manufacturing processes, and we want to share new solutions for the future with our customers. Covestro therefore maintains a network of facilities that spans the globe: innovation centers and technical centers for experiments and test production using state-of-the-art plants and machines.

In order to continually innovate, we keep an ear to the market to learn what customers and consumers want and need – today, tomorrow and beyond. We are also open to inspiration and ideas from outside the company, and implement them in close collaboration with customers, other industry sectors and academia.