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      Let´s energize wind innovation together

      Let´s energize wind innovation together

      Wind power promises enormous opportunities in the global push towards sustainability – but only with the right material solutions. Materials like PU infusion resin systems and protective coatings can help the wind energy sector thrive by enabling reduced production costs, maximal longevity and durable protection. With these materials, we’re pushing boundaries in wind energy technology to increase profitability and performance and inspire constant innovation to keep developing wind energy solutions that are both sustainable and cost efficient. Partnering with customers across the wind energy value chain, we offer materials that can inspire not only innovations in wind turbine design but also help maximize efficiency for wind farms on a larger scale. Partner with us so we can energize wind innovation together!

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      To make the transition to renewable energy and clean electricity, wind farms need materials for wind turbines they can rely on. With first-class materials, we help innovate and boost productivity in a range of areas:

      More efficient wind blade production through material innovation

      Wind power is most certainly one of the most sustainable technologies for generating electricity, and there are good reasons why wind energy is growing rapidly worldwide. According to the European Commission, wind power deployment more than quadrupled from 2004 to 2015, and wind energy currently accounts for around one third of renewable electricity in Europe alone. And wind parks and offshore wind farms are searching for efficient, profitable solutions to increase renewable wind energy to even higher levels. At the same time, consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact energy consumption is having on the planet. They are looking for alternative renewable energy types that benefit people, planet and society, and combat climate change.

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      However, wind power is still far from matching the efficiency levels of conventional energy sources. Covestro is working to alter that – striving to lower the production costs of renewable energy, tackling the risk of fuel poverty, and helping to achieve global climate goals. Through innovative raw materials in numerous wind turbine components, we are helping wind blade and turbine producers to better exploit the power of wind energy for the benefit of society as a whole.

      Wind power is a core element of the Covestro sustainability concept. Various products and their advantages are therefore combined in Covestro´s wind energy portfolio.
      Dirk Soontjens, global coordinator of wind power activities at Covestro

      Thinking outside the box – together

      Although wind power is a renewable and safer alternative to fossil fuels or nuclear power in generating energy, it is still less well established than conventional energy sources. Advancing wind power around the globe is a task for material suppliers, wind farms and multiple other players along the value chain, and can only be mastered if diverse societal stakeholders join forces to champion wind energy as a key renewable energy source. At Covestro we collaborate closely with industrial partners and research institutions around the world to pave the way for technological innovations in wind turbines. Our aim is to explore new horizons in wind energy hand in hand with our partners.

      Our partners can take advantage of multiple wind energy solutions from wind blades to erosion and corrosion protection.

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