Invoicing Options


Covestro has various fully compliant solutions in place, which allow invoices to be received electronically all over the world. Electronic invoicing is one step being taken to improve the efficiency of invoice processing.

To meet supplier and business needs alike, Covestro has partnered with external supplier networks in order to offer flexible solutions:

  • ELEMICA Supply Chain Operating Network
  • ARIBA’s cloud-based supplier portal
  • ePDF platform


Advantages include faster processing, reduced postage and printing costs, monitoring of payment status and avoidance of lost invoices.

To receive more information about the different e-invoice solutions please contact


Paper invoices sent to Covestro‘s accounts payable department are scanned before being entered into the relevant systems. Therefore it is very important that the invoice document is of high quality and easy to read. We recommend that the invoice is on white A4 or US Letter size paper, clearly printed in black and white and that highlighter pens are not used.