Baytown Updates

Updated 4/5/2022, 4:45 p.m. CT

At approximately 2:18 PM CT, a chemical release was reported at the Covestro Baytown site. The Covestro emergency response plan was activated and functioned as designed. Appropriate agencies were notified and first responders were on the scene.    

The chemical release was confined to one area of the site and has been secured. The leak posed no threat to the community.  The all-clear was given at 4:00 PM CT. Several employees were  exposed, medically evaluated and released. Out of an abundance of caution and per protocol, one employee was transported to the local hospital, is reported in stable condition and will be held for further evaluation. Our top priority is protecting the safety and health of our employees, response personal and the community. The cause of the leak is under investigation to ensure necessary steps are taken to prevent a reoccurrence.  

All media inquiries regarding this incident should be directed to Patricia McHenry at 281-300-8460.