Inclusive business

One of our five sustainability objectives is to help improve the lives of 10 million people in under-served markets, mainly in developing and emerging countries, by 2025. For this reason, we work with our partners (clients, NGOs, social businesses and governmental institutions) on projects that help communities.

Food safety solutions

A large part of the Southeast Asian population relies on agriculture to live. Covestro works with partners in different sectors to help find solutions in the field of food safety, reducing post-harvest losses, increasing revenue and improving means of subsistence.

“Solar Dryer Parabola Domes”

These domes are designed to dry agricultural products. They are made from Covestro polycarbonate sheets and help to reduce the risk of production waste by 50% while improving hygiene and protecting from dust, water, contamination and animals.

Over 500 units have already been installed in Thailand.

“Solar Conduction Dryer”

This is a food dehydrator powered by solar energy. The dryer and its cover contain Covestro polycarbonates and polyurethanes. The solar-powered dryer reduces the moisture content of agricultural products, allowing farms to preserve their products for up to a year and obtain additional revenue through selling dehydrated products.

Cold storage

The solar cold storage systems that use Covestro polyurethanes can store farmers’ harvests in optimal conditions and extend their useful life.

Affordable housing for better living conditions

We are also involved in the housing sector. The goal is to provide communities and victims in disaster-prone areas with affordable housing made with Covestro polyurethanes. In addition to low prices and a quick installation process, the houses also feature good insulation for better energy efficiency and fireproofing.

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