Power of Simplicity

The Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate improves the writing experience

Pens are necessities in modern life.  KACO is devoted to upgrading their pens’ quality, appearance, and functionality with the help of the Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate from Covestro.

Supplier: Covestro
Industry: Stationery
Application: Pens Products of INFO, MIDOT, ROCKET, CYBER, PURE lines etc.
Product: Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate

Premium quality is always the priority for KACO products, which is why the company chose to integrate Covestro’s Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate into their pens.

However, quality performance is not sufficient in a highly competitive market. Attractive aesthetics and innovative functionality give KACO products the competitive edge they need to stand out. Featuring translucent and opaque colors, the Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate enables KACO to develop diverse product lines by providing multiple options on the penholder, push button, clip, and cap components. In addition, the excellent tensile strength and Charpy-tested impact strength of the Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate gives KACO the flexibility needed to implement future innovations. For instance, the renowned INFO clip, which utilizes the Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate, can also function as a U-disk.

KACO aims to improve consumers’ writing experience by focusing on simplicity. Covestro is dedicated to helping our customers realize their vision. PURE is one of the highest-selling KACO products and is valued for being lightweight and having quality ergonomics. By utilizing the Makrolon® 2405 polycarbonate, which has a relative density of only 1.20, PURE manages to reduce its weight variation to within 8-8.5 grams, making it travel-friendly. In addition, PURE has low viscosity, which brings consumers a smooth tactile experience.