Covestro innovate new material to meet the demands of delivering life-enhancing medications

Safeguard Cancer Treatment

When a patient needs life-saving medical treatment, everything must work as designed, right down to the plastic used in luers and other IV connectors.

To meet the demands of delivering life-enhancing medications, Covestro has developed a new medical polycarbonate for IV connectors - Makrolon ® Rx3440, which offers superior durability and chemical resistance to help prevent cracking so that health care professionals can more safely deliver oncology drugs to patients.

The impact of cancer treatment on plastics is aggressive. Some chemotherapy drugs contain aggressive solvents—these solvents dissolve or attack the IV connectors. Increased cancer treatment has led to an increase in chemically induced cracks in the medical device.

Compared against competing materials, Makrolon® Rx3440 demonstrated the best resistance to oncology drug simulants and a common disinfectant. In addition, this material also demonstrates the best retention of stress to provide more reliable IV connections.

In addition, the great physical properties of Makrolon® Rx3440 polycarbonate’s also offers several other advantages for medical OEMs, including greater structural integrity in thin-walled designs, toughness to resist mishandling and dimensional stability in shipping and storage. The material is also biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1 and USP Class IV standards.

To deepen the development of Makrolon® Rx3440 polycarbonate and provide diversified customers support. A Covestro-designed testing apparatus was innovated and is available to test the chemical resistance of customers’ luer connectors. The novel apparatus provides:

  • Immersion testing under real-world loading
  • Adjustable force allows accelerated testing