Covestro provides innovative materials for future lightweight construction

Lightweighting for the Future

Devices that maintain a lightweight and thin design are hugely popular in the market, from the automotive industry to manufacturers of laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Dr. Michael Schmidt, Co-CEO of CFRTP composites at Covestro, took the trophy at the 2017 European Plastics Innovation Awards ceremony in Brussels.

Covestro has developed a sophisticated composite technology that opens the door for future sustainable and lightweight products. Covestro received the 2017 European Plastics Innovation Award for its composite “A-Cover” for next-generation laptops.


In the modern electronic industry, lightweight materials are in higher demand than ever before. Covestro aims to offer new material solutions for producing thinner, lighter, and more robust components for IT devices. These new components also need to lower shipping costs and lessen logistics-related ecological footprints.


In addition to having a major weight advantage, the material used for modern electronics must also give product designers an unprecedented degree of design freedom. This would include flexibility in creating textures through sandblasting, CNC milling, and laser cutting within the mold. Finally, it should be practical enough for fast and efficient production.


Covestro’s newly developed technology is based on continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) and uses a highly efficient production method that achieves weight reductions of approximately 15% while maintaining the same flexibility and torsional rigidity of metallic materials. Moreover, CFRTPs also meet Underwriters Laboratories' flammability standard of V-0. By utilizing a “single mold manufacturing” concept, Covestro is even able to combine the three conventional steps of preheating, thermoforming and functional integration into a single process for short cycle times.

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