Covestro’s newly developed material empowers compact payment devices

Providing easy and secure payments

In a fast-paced urban society, the pursuit of convenience and efficiency has expanded to all aspects of daily life. Smart payment devices are becoming more advanced with each iteration. The PAX A920 is a new secure electronic payment terminal that makes it even easier to make mobile payments.

With help from Covestro, PAX utilized the newly developed Makrolon® material to increase the A920’s stability and design flexibility.


The PAX A920 is set to be one of the world's most elegantly designed, compact, and secure, electronic payment terminals. Covestro was tasked with providing a housing material that is not only flexible enough to meet exterior design needs, but also lightweight and durable enough to meet functionality requirements.


Lightweight material is a necessity for the PAX A920’s mobility. The terminal also features a large high-definition display and a thermal printer neatly hidden below the device to optimize screen usage for customer-facing transactions. It requires material that is highly impact, heat, and humidity resistant to ensure the device’s functionality and durability in diverse environments.


PAX, with help from Covestro, utilized the newly-developed Makrolon® material for the A920. The appealing aesthetic enables fashionable design without showing visible weld-lines on the surface – which was the most challenging issue with previous PAX products. Makrolon® offers high heat and humidity resistance, along with modular impact resistance. The improved de-molding performance also helps shorten the molding cycle time and increases production yield.