Covestro Makrolon® Polycarbonate enables Smart Mirror for girl’s daily makeup fix 

Light up your life

The rapid development of smart technology is creating new and diverse opportunities for pocket mirrors. MINE MIRS is a smart mirror that is slim, simple, and capable of wireless charging, providing an on-the-go solution for people’s daily makeup needs.

MINE MIRS employed Covestro’s Makrolon® 2405 021743 and Makrolon® 6265x 013192 in the mirror’s back shell, light ring, and wireless charger, enabling an extra slim design and touch light functionality.


MINE MIRS is an intelligent product that solves the lighting problem people are faced with when applying makeup up or taking selfies. MINE MIRS aims to be a smart mirror capable of providing optimal lighting in any environment at any time.


MINE MIRS needs material that is light, easy to shape, but strong enough to support the extra slim design. In addition, the mirror’s light ring and wireless battery charger have special manufacturing needs, as optical touch technology needs to be applied. Covestro has provided support with material selection, material development, and optimization for the components.


MINE MIRS features a small and slim 10cm rounded shape that is 6.6mm thick, and weighs 70g. The product also maintains an ergonomic back shell molded from the Makrolon 2405 021743 polycarbonate. The excellent sensitivity of the Makrolon® materials also enables touch light color customization, which enhances both lighting and wireless charging performance.

Case Profile



  • Intelligent Beauty Industry


  • Makrolon® 2405 021743
    Makrolon® 6265x 013192


  • Covestro LLC


  • Smart lighted mirror and wireless charger