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In a flexible and modern business environment, employees demand efficiency and agility with human-oriented design to enhance productivity. Thus, smart technologies are increasingly applied to optimize working devices such as commonly-utilized projectors. Maxell, parent company of Hitachi, has decided to bring optimization to the workplace projector with the new smart Projector SP-1J.

Projector SP-1J utilizes the (PC+ABS)-blend Bayblend® FR3010 IF and Bayblend® FR3005 HF from Covestro for its housing material.


The Projector SP-1J from Maxell features a range of smart technologies for picture quality, projection, and interfacing. The product also features an extremely thin and portable design that enables meetings and presentations in various environments, including bright outdoor spaces. Therefore, the material selected for the projector’s cover must meet both its design and functionality requirements.


The projector’s housing material must be lightweight and durable in order to resist the different kinds of wear and tear caused by sunlight, inclement weather, and dirt. In addition, the material should be strong enough to protect the sophisticated internals from impact in case the projector is dropped accidentally.


Projector SP-1J features a top and down cover using Covestro’s Bayblend® FR3010 IF and Bayblend® FR3005 HF material. The material offers impact resistance, durability, flame retardance and ability to enable thin-wall and smooth texture design, fitting perfectly to the modern workstation look. Now available as a Limited Edition, the Projector SP-1J using Covestro’s material has been selected as one of the expecting Top 100 Best-selling commodities by Japanese Magazine “Trendy”.

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