Covestro optimizes and promotes DirectCoating technology application with its suppliers and value chain partners

Delicate Functions Achieved through Simplified Processes

When producing automotive interior parts, both the attractiveness of design and production efficiency should be taken into consideration to meet the needs of both consumers and automotive manufacturers. DirectCoating (DC) is an environmentally friendly manufacturing technology that can fulfill both of these requirements.
Switch Bank auto interior part prototype

In Switch Bank, a new auto interior prototype utilizing DC technology jointly produced by Covestro and its partners, Covestro’s unique PC/ABS material BB.T50 SG is applied in the part’s substrate.


DC technology is superior to other traditional process in terms of its low VOC and high production efficiency through a simplified logistics process. Therefore, the technology is considered to be a potential process for auto parts manufacturing, especially for interior parts manufacturing by an increasing number of auto tiers or OEMs. To create added value and realize the efficient application of DC technology in mass production (specifically for the automotive industry in China), Covestro collaborates with other capable value chain players and is committed to making DC technology a feasible option in functional interior parts production.


Previously, DC technology was mainly used for the manufacturing of decorative auto parts, the production process of which is different from that of functional parts. The manufacturing of functional parts places a higher demand on both coating and filming technology, as well as substrate materials that meet the needs of various delicate functions.


Covestro cooperated with multiple partners to develop a prototype for electronic auto interior part called Switch Bank. Switch Bank combines DC and film insert molding technology, which is essential for electronic part production, with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film. In addition, it uses a unique substrate material - BB.T50 SG from Covestro, allowing for strong bonding strength between the substrate and the PU coating system, as well as providing high resistance to heat and humidity. This prototype model shows the feasibility of using DC technology for functional interior parts within a successful business cooperation.

Case Profile


  • Covestro Polymers (China)Co.,Ltd (Substrate material)
    Shanghai Kostal-Huayang Automotive Electric Co., Ltd (Mold Technology)
    RÜHL PUROMER GmbH (PUR coating layer)
    BÖ-LA Siebdrucktechnik GmbH (Print technology)


  • Future Mobility


  • BB.T50SG or BB.T70SG


  • Auto interior