Covestro polycarbonate blend revs up electric motorcycle

Ahead of the pack

Advances in battery technology are making more eco-friendly modes of transportation possible. One company leading the charge is Alta Motors, a manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles.


Alta Motors developed the Alta Pack, a custom, energy-dense battery pack for its Redshift MX and SM electric motorcycles. The Alta Pack stores 5.8 kWH into 31.5 kilograms with a maximum output of 350V, requiring materials that would provide structure and tolerate impact.


The battery housing material must be able to handle different kinds of wear and tear: the sun, weather elements, dirt and more. There’s also risk of impact from dropping the removable battery or the motorcycle hitting the ground. Covestro assisted with material selection, as well as color matching.


The Alta Pack features an aluminum casting with black textured covers injection molded from Makroblend® UT5207 polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate (PC+PBT) blend  and Makroblend® UT403 polycarbonate/polyethylene terephtalate (PC+PET) blend.. Makroblend® resins offer chemical resistance, impact resistance, durability, ease of processability and the ability to be bonded to a metal substrate. The core of the Redshift subframe features Makroblend® UT6007 PC+PBT blend for exceptional durability.