Covestro Sample Lab

Discover the world of polymers with the Covestro Sample Lab.

In this app you will find:

  • Information and application examples of more than 60 Covestro materials
  • Interactive collages from our materials – Dive in, learn something or be inspired

You already know your way around? Filter by area of application, aesthetic or technical properties and find the right material for your needs.

Covestro is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and versatile.

We manufacture the precursors for polyurethane foam. As a hard foamed material, it insulates houses or makes refrigerators energy-efficient – and can be found in soft form in mattresses or upholstery.

We also make polycarbonate. The material has been used for CDs and DVDs for a long time and today, for example, makes electronic devices light and robust. As a perfect replacement for glass, it can also be found in car roofs or headlights – making the car lighter and less fuel-efficient. 

Our materials are also used in coatings, adhesives and other specialties – for example to make bridges weather-resistant. 

Examples of all this (and much more) can be found in the Covestro Sample Lab. Download it now!

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