What do our customers and partners think about cardyon®?


We asked our customers and business partners what they think about cardyon® and our CO₂ technology. See for yourself what they said.
“CO₂ as raw material… the best of both worlds: We can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also use less fossil resources. That’s fantastic.”
Frank van der Velde, Marketing Director / vita cellular foams
Frank van der Velde, Marketing Director / vita cellular foams, at Interzum 2017
“Finally we can bring a product into the market that really has a positive impact on the environment.”
Filippo de Ruvo / Olmo Giuseppe S.p.A.
Filippo de Ruvo / Olmo at Interzum 2017
“I am proud that Recticel and Covestro are partners on this exciting journey to create more sustainable chemical building blocks.”
Olivier Chapelle, CEO / Recticel
First truck with cardyon® hits the road
“By using our innovative cardyon® raw materials, our customers show their commitment to sustainability and strengthen their position as innovative leaders in the flexible foam market. Using cardyon® means caring for the future of our planet and providing differentiation in a fossil resource driven industry.”
Dr. Frauke Kühn, Industrial Marketing Manager / Covestro