Closing the carbon loop – how cardyon® contributes to sustainability


Sustainability is embedded into every element of Covestro’s business strategy. The company continuously looks at ways to preserve the planet, while improving the quality of life and safety of millions of people around the world. Several products developed by Covestro address the challenges of climate change and its impact on the environment.
cardyon® brings CO₂ back into the value chain
cardyon® brings CO₂ back into the value chain while saving up to 20% crude oil. It broadens the raw material base beyond carbon and supports the circular economy through sustainable development.

With cardyon® Covestro is providing the industry with a more sustainable solution by using carbon dioxide, an industrial waste gas, as a new and useful raw material feedstock. It is also broadening its raw material base beyond fossil hydrocarbons and bio-based raw materials by bringing CO2 back into the value chain and helping to close the carbon loop.

“Covestro is committed to using carbon in a smart and sophisticated way, which benefits the environment and society.
By turning a greenhouse gas into a useful raw material for the plastics industry, our CO₂ technology opens up new horizons towards a more sustainable future. And, although this technology is not designed to solve the world’s global warming challenge it is still a step closer in the right direction.”
Dr. Stephanie Vogel, Sustainability Manager PUR / Covestro