Turning CO₂ into a raw material – how does this work?

CO₂ Technology

Covestro has developed an innovative technology enabling carbon capture and utilization by partly substituting oil-based raw materials with CO₂.

A nondescript, white powder is the catalyst that makes the chemical reaction with CO2 possible. Thanks to the catalyst, the inert carbon dioxide molecule can finally be put to practical use. Packed inside this powder are years of intensive research by Covestro and its partners – and the courage to think beyond existing boundaries.

“Developing the cardyon® polyols based on our CO2 technology has been very demanding from a scientific point of view – we have gained tremendous insight on how the process works and how to improve it. And it has been great fun, as through our research network we made unexpected and profound discoveries previously unknown to us. In general, CO2 as a raw material gives us the possibility to preserve scarce resources – and ensure they are available for future generations – at least partially.”
Dr. Christoph Gürtler, Head of Catalysis Research / Covestro