A brighter use of CO₂


cardyon® is an innovative raw material for the production of high quality, flexible polyurethane foams. It is made with carbon dioxide (up to 20%) – a raw material which is both abundant and available as a chemical feedstock.
cardyon® represents a breakthrough innovation which enables manufacturers to look at alternative and more sustainable raw materials while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.
“Our product represents a scientific breakthrough since it is made with up to 20% CO2. Tests have shown that carbon-based products have better properties than conventional solutions, or at least comparable ones. We are very excited about the potential of our technology and the applications for cardyon®, flexible foam is just the beginning.”
Dr. Berit Stange, Venture Manager / Covestro

Customer benefits

Using cardyon®:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and the future of our planet
  • Helps close the carbon loop by bringing carbon dioxide back into the value chain
  • Reduces the use of scarce fossil resources, such as crude oil, to ease the pressure on our planet’s resources
  • Helps position your company as an innovative frontrunner in the flexible foam sector
  • Means using an award-winning new raw material, produced with leading-edge innovative technology

Regional availability

Currently commercially available in Europe

Key contact:
Covestro Deutschland AG
Dr. Berit Stange
Venture Manager
Phone: +49 214 6009 4230
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