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A personal review of the Innovation Celebration 2021

Written by: Annika Bonk

Today is January 20, 2022. That means I've been working as a Trainee at Covestro for almost a year now – and yes, time flies. Shortly after starting in February 2021, I thought about how I would structure my two-year traineeship. Within two years there are various opportunities to get to know different areas of the company and finally to set your own priorities. It was also really important to me to look at different teams and the group from different perspectives. And I can already say this much: both have been fulfilled. 

Within the last year I have not only expanded my skills in external and internal communication, but also got to know different teams and departments that I was able to support in their work. One of my personal highlights from my first year at Covestro: my side trip to the innovation team. Here I was able to benefit twice by dealing with the communication of innovation topics.

Innovation Celebration 2021

Innovation Celebration – sounds pompous. But what exactly is behind this project? I also asked myself this question and was very grateful that I had the chance to support the innovation team in planning this event. Because what is the best way to get to know an event? By being right in the middle.

The event primarily serves all Covestro employees to expand their internal network and learn more about new colleagues and their projects. The event has been held regularly in various regions of the world for several years and is characterized by exchange and inspiration. The highlight at the end of the event is always the award ceremony for the best innovation projects of the past year.

Due to the current circumstances, the project took place virtually this year, which is why procedures and processes were rethought. One of the projects that I particularly remember: Delivering high quality with respect for nature. The aim is to replace conventional polymers with biodegradable polymers, especially in applications where recycling and reuse are not an option. Applications in agriculture and cosmetics are in the foreground. The technologies used also have the potential to be used in other areas, for example when it comes to packaging or furniture. A promising innovation that also contributes to Covestro's strategic goal of becoming fully circular.

It’s all about the team

What are exciting projects like the Innovation Celebration worth if there is no team spirit? During my time at Innovation, I was very lucky to work with a great team. I was allowed to organize the procedure of the event together with the team, plan various sessions and prepare it digitally. This is exactly how a Traineeship should be.

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