5 Reasons why you'll love Covestro's MagicMaterial eSchool

Written by: Renee Chen

To give children and adults in Taiwan the opportunity to do science at home at their leisure, Covestro is inviting them to try all of its MagicMaterial School experiments in their own homes.

In doing so, the company hopes to spark children's curiosity about science, bring families closer together, promote lifelong learning among elders, and create opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren, as well as parents and children, to learn together, further fostering children's enthusiasm for independent science learning. We are excited to share the experiences and thoughts of a granddaughter, Anna, and her grandfather, Owen, in conducting these experiments at home.

1. In the pandemic the family moves together

Granddaughter Anna says: "Because of the severe pandemic some time ago, I spent a lot of time at home. Previously, I had participated with my grandfather in the science camp for grandparents and children organized by Covestro. During the camp, I faced many challenges and conducted experiments with my grandfather, which I found very interesting. Covestro also has a MagicMaterial eSchool, which you can still do great experiments along with the science education website. When I have time, I ask my grandpa to look at the website and do the experiments with me. We are always learning as we go, and it has also helped me spend more time with my grandpa. We have become closer than ever before!"

2. Achieving the goal of lifelong learning

Grandfather Owen says, "Sometimes I read and study with Anna, but we don't often have the opportunity to engage in science. I'm glad Covestro offers the MagicMaterial eSchool so we can do simple experiments at home. I am always happy when Anna invites me to join in and do experiments on this science education website. It's always new and fun. We just mix a few everyday things together, but surprises can happen along the way."
"The steps described in this school are very simple to understand. As long as an adult works with the child, basically any experiment can succeed. Occasionally, however, due to dosage problems, the same perfect results are not obtained as shown on the website. Nevertheless, the process of the experiment is extremely entertaining. Through the activities, I have also gained the spirit of ´live and learn´. I believe that you can enrich and beautify your life by learning more, thinking more and being more active."

3. Sense of achievement through DIY experiments

Granddaughter Anna says, "Every now and then I do experiments in science class at school, but they sometimes go wrong. But I always have a sense of achievement when I experiment at home with my grandfather using the Covestro MagicMaterial eSchool. The experiment I remember best is the ´dancing colored milk´. Although I had to ask my father to buy dyes for us to finish it, the finished product was very beautiful and my father and grandfather thought it was very special. The hands-on experiments allow us to experience fun science while also gaining a lot of scientific knowledge."

4. Cultivating a child's interest in science

Owen, the grandfather, says, "I believe that the experiments Anna does on the science education website will get her excited about science in many ways. I also believe that this is not limited to science. The more a child is exposed to things, the more they learn, and the more they are encouraged to think differently about different things and look at one thing in different ways, even developing an interest and passion for science. I will continue to explore the big world of science with Anna in the future."

Granddaughter Anna says, "Thanks to the Covestro educational website, I share many wonderful memories related to science with my grandfather. During this process, I have become more and more interested in science experiments. Starting from a more passive way in which my mother asked me and my grandfather to participate in the science camp for grandparents and children, to an active way in which I often actively visit the science education website to see if there are any new experiments. I hope to work with my grandfather to create something that will be interesting for everyone, and I also want to fulfill my desire to come up with experiments of my own."

5. Sharing personal experiences with others

Granddaughter Anna says, "I had a lot of fun experimenting with Covestro's science education website and also learned more about science. I always tell my friends at school about the experiments with my grandpa at home and recommend them to use this site as well. Grandpa also often recommends it to his friends because he hopes people can learn about the spirit of ´living and learning´ as much as he did, and also to bring families closer together. We both hope that more people will learn that there is such a great science education website. Let's do experiments together and discover the wonders of the scientific world!"

Got an appetite for experimentation? Go to the Covestro MagicMaterial eSchool website here: https://www.covestro.tw/en/covestro-magicmaterial-school-online-lab

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