Eva Schiffbauer shares her experience of six intensive months.

5 reasons why an internship at Covestro is worth it

Written by: Eva Schiffbauer

You can learn a lot in a six-month internship, if you find the fitting position for you. Now, at the end of my internship at Covestro, I can say that it was a great fit for me! I'd like to share some of the reasons why, and maybe you'll directly want to apply afterwards!

Making coffee? Yes, but only my own!

I made a lot of coffee at Covestro, sometimes even tea – but if I did so, it was only for myself! And most of the work was done by the machine anyway. Instead, I had the possibility to take responsibility for my own projects and thus gained the practical experience that really matters for my professional future. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to support all of my projects until the end in the relatively short time I had, but just giving the impulse and seeing how the project picks up speed and already bears its first fruits is great.

Work as it suits you best

"The new normal" has long since reached Covestro, too, so that flexible working hours and home office, where possible, are already well established. What I remember particularly positively is that great consideration was always given to the private situation of all colleagues! For example, it was possible for me to work from home for most of my internship until my family and I were completely vaccinated against Corona.

A glimpse behind the scenes

Did you know that large companies have entire teams of experts on the topic of circular economy? It's incredibly exciting to get a glimpse into the world of a DAX company – to see how the teams and departments interact with each other, what a variety of topics are dealt with and, above all, that there is at least one expert in the company for almost each topic. During my time at Covestro, I didn’t only gain a lot of knowledge in my field, but also learned about the organization in such a large company. And yes, of course, the one or other long voting process is not excluded.


Covestro is much more than just a materials manufacturer ("material manufacturer" - this can really mean anything, right?). The topics and projects you find here are much more varied than I initially thought! Are you interested in recycling? Innovations with CO₂? Diversity & Inclusion? Check, check, check! But of course you can also learn a lot about the various products of Covestro – polyurethanes, polycarbonates, coatings, etc. Personally, I was very happy to have helped launch a complete campaign on the subject of sustainability – one of many topics that are very important at Covestro.

My dear colleagues

For me, it's not just my tasks and the work itself that are crucial to a successful internship. The way my colleagues interact with each other and with me is also incredibly important for me to feel comfortable at work. The great thing is that I never had the feeling that I was "just" an intern, but was treated warmly and appreciatively from day one. My colleagues valued my opinion and included me immediately in everything. Especially great: You can even enjoy private get-togethers with your colleagues and get to know them even better over an after-work beer!

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