5 reasons for using the cloud

Written by: Luca Grunwald

The use of the Covestro-Cloud is a significant step in Covestro's digital transformation. In this context, the use of cloud-based services not only means the introduction of completely new IT technologies, but also a whole new perspective on digitalization at Covestro. Read this article to find out some of the key reasons why the move to the cloud makes sense for Covestro.

Increase flexibility

The Covestro-Cloud enables unprecedented flexibility in terms of the computing capacities used. If there is an increased need for computing capacity, even at short notice, it can now be increased with little effort and within a short period of time. When the need no longer exists, this capacity can be reduced again just as quickly. This allows Covestro to quickly and cost-effectively use computing capacity only when it is really needed. In comparison, the flexibility in traditional data centers is much lower.

Optimizing costs

In the Covestro-Cloud, the principle of "only pay for what you use" is applied. This means that you only have to pay for resources that are actually used, such as computer capacity or even databases, which do not always have to be available. By optimizing the use of cloud infrastructure in this way, Covestro's IT operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Increasing the speed of infrastructure provisioning

In the Covestro-Cloud, new or additional capacity can be made available in a very short time. This capacity can be adapted at any time at a speed that conventional data centers cannot offer. If such adjustments can be planned, they are even possible fully automatically. Covestro thus achieves a high level of digital agility and can operate very efficiently. This even has an impact on the power consumption of the IT resources used for Covestro worldwide, helping to make Covestro more climate-friendly.

Improving competitiveness

The services in the Covestro-Cloud are constantly being expanded and adapted to customer needs. This enables Covestro to benefit very quickly from technological leaps and new developments. Price reductions (e.g. for storage space), which are common in the cloud market, also help Covestro to keep its IT operating costs under control in the future and still be able to keep working on offering its customers better solutions while always using the latest technology. Covestro is one of the pioneers in using cloud technology for its core SAP systems, all of which are already running in the cloud.

Wide range of services more easily available than before

The Covestro-Cloud has a wide range of services that were previously unthinkable in the efficient and cost-effective storage, processing and analysis of data. It is conceivable that even machine learning and artificial intelligence could be explored for meaningful use in the future. The new possibilities of the Covestro-Cloud will thus become an active contribution to the digital transformation at Covestro.

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