Well-invested, efficient and safe production sites

Global presence

As a global player, Covestro has big production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas, based on the latest, cost efficient and ecologically compatible technology. And there are technical centers and innovation hubs around the world – all with the aim of being as close as possible to customers.

The facilities that Covestro maintains across the globe are often the size of apartment buildings, and they set standards in volume, quality, efficiency and safety. Some of them are world-scale, supplying particularly those customers which have a global presence, while other plants are smaller and designed for more regional purposes.

The eight largest production sites are in Germany (Brunsbüttel, Dormagen, Krefeld-Uerdingen, Leverkusen), Belgium (Antwerp), China (Shanghai), Thailand (Map Ta Phut) and the USA (Baytown). Covestro drives their expansion in line with the demands of the market. In particular, the company has strengthened its foothold in China where it spent more than €3 bn in recent years.

Covestro also gives high priority to the continuous technical optimization of its asset base, using advanced, cost efficient and ecologically compatible production processes. For example, the company in part produces polycarbonates using the state-of-the-art melt process, whereas important polyurethane precursors are fabricated by means of the innovative, proprietary gas phase technology. And for chlorine production Covestro uses aside from the membrane and deacon technology the so-called oxygen depolarized cathode (ODC) technology that consumes 30 percent less electricity than conventional processes. The ODC technology was developed within Covestro together with partners in the recent years.

As the company operates many of its production facilities using common infrastructure, it gains cross-product synergies and additional cost savings.


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  • Baytown
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