Flagship production and competence center for polycarbonates

Culture and chemistry

Antwerp is a port city with many assets: a metropolitan place with an attractive harbour vista, situated along the beautiful River Scheldt. However it also packs a punch with its commercial credentials, being a flagbearer for the chemical industry.
Covestro's facility in Antwerp is located in the heart of the harbor.
Since World War II when the Port of Antwerp was expanded, and several chemical factories and oil refineries were established, these kind of industries have flourished. It now comprises  the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe – including a major contribution from Covestro.

The company facility was established in 1961 on the bank of the River Scheldt, in the strategic heart of the Antwerp harbour, the second largest port in Europe for international shipping freight and the tenth largest in the world.

Covestro’s facility produces high-grade plastics, intermediates and additives for plastics commonly used in the construction, electronic or automotive sectors. Key product lines include polycarbonates and intermediates for the production of polyurethanes. Total annual production capacity is rated at 1.2 million metric tons.

Competence Center

With its innovative background and extensive knowhow, Covestro’s Antwerp base has become the company’s global ‘Competence Center’ for the production of and technology associated with polycarbonates. It means Antwerp employees provide input into the planning, building and start-up of any new and into the optimization of any existing Covestro polycarbonates plant.

In their spare time, employees can do a lot of things in the city, since Antwerp is not only well-known for its culture and fashion but is also famous for its local products, such as diamonds, chocolate and a wide range of delightful beers.