Integrity determines Covestro’s actions

Acting in accordance with the rules

The global nature of Covestro’s operations means that our activities are subject to a multitude of statutory regulations and standards throughout the world. That makes corporate compliance a particularly important topic for us.

Corporate compliance means acting with integrity and observing the legal and ethical framework at all times. Our Corporate Compliance Policy forms the framework for acting in accordance with the rules, based on expertise, fairness and reliability.

Our Principles of Business Conduct

  1. We are committed to fair competition – no antitrust violations
  2. We are committed to integrity in business dealings – no corruption
  3. We are committed to the principle of sustainability – no inappropriate risks for human health and the environment
  4. We are committed to upholding foreign trade laws – no export infractions
  5. We are committed to safeguarding equal opportunity in securities trading – no illegal insider trading
  6. We are committed to proper record-keeping and transparent fi nancial reporting – no deception
  7. We are committed to fair and respectful working conditions – no discrimination
  8. We are committed to protecting the fruits of our own endeavors and respecting the legally recognized rights of others – no infringement of our own or others’ property rights
  9. We are committed to keeping corporate and personal interests separate – no conflicts of interest
  10. We are committed to cooperating with the authorities – no misinformation


The Board of Management of Covestro AG appoints the group’s General Counsel as Chief Compliance Officer. In this function he or she reports directly to the Board of Management.

In addition to the Chief Compliance Officer, there is a Compliance Officer in every country organization in which Covestro is represented by a separate legal entity. The task of this person is to implement all compliance activities, conduct risk analyses, and report and follow up on compliance cases in his or her area of responsibility.

Covestro will ensure the ongoing viability of this Corporate Compliance Policy by creating the necessary framework for its operation and providing the necessary resources.

Contacts / Compliance Hotline

For reporting of any suspected violation Covestro provides a compliance phone hotline, E-mail  and web reporting. – open or anonymously