Five strategic pillars

Focus on profitable growth

Achieving long-term profitable growth is the foremost goal of Covestro’s strategy. The company aims to continue benefiting from the positive development expected in its customer industries in the future. It is also committed to sustainability and innovation and works continuously to improve its production and cost structures.
Harnessing potential for growth
According to independent experts, Covestro’s customer industries will grow faster than the global economy in the years ahead. Macro trends such as climate change, the diminishing availability of fossil resources, the expanding global population, urbanization and increasing mobility are seen as the main drivers of growth. Through its products and solutions, Covestro aims to help master these challenges in line with its vision: “To make the world a brighter place.”

Focus on sustainability
Covestro focuses extensively on sustainability. The company is looking to help preserve the environment, advance society and create added value through profitable growth. This is a holistic approach that defines operations along the entire value chain – from the procurement of raw materials, production, logistics and sales to the use of Covestro products and their disposal and recycling. The company also places special emphasis on the well-being and satisfaction of its employees.

Innovation as a core element
Through focused research and development, Covestro aims to maintain and expand its position in the global competitive arena. Its activities are aimed at enhancing the performance of its products, developing solutions for new applications and improving production and business processes. To this end, the company works closely with its customers and end users as well as with scientific partners.

Efficient production

To improve profitability on a sustainable basis, Covestro works continuously to increase the efficiency of its sites, plants and equipment.  In doing so, the company applies very high standards with regard to safety, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Competitive costs

Covestro works continuously to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the company and thus ensure competitive cost structures. Its goal is to rank among the cost leaders in its industry sector. It aims to achieve this, for example, by further optimizing service functions and the IT infrastructure and by streamlining the sales organization at segment level. Covestro also continuously reviews the structure of its production base in terms of efficiency.